Arts meets Science

In collaboration with prof. Gerhard Weiss, prof. Jerry Spanakis and master student Ádam Vándor at the University of Maastricht, Marie conducts scientific research to the concept of harmony. What is harmony and how do we actually compose it? What role does it play in their daily lives?

(aesthetic) Harmony seems to be a very intuitive concept: rather a sensation then an objective definition. But is this correct? Or are there laws/parameters that compose this harmony? And if so, can we teach these parameters to a computer, so that this computer can create its own harmonic compositions?

Together with the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering a research is setup to teach the computer what  harmony  in  visual  and  musical  compositions  might  be.  For  this  Artificial Intelligence methods are used. The same elements are searched for within an artistic research involving in-disciplinary performance games for and with the audience.

To conduct the research, a digital composition game is developed. This game is not only used in the context of scientific research it's also used in educational  workshops  and  for  live performances by the iCollective. 


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