A short introduction to The Infinity Games 2021.01.18

‘Life is an ever changing composition’

During the last couple of years I’ve been working on a project called THE INFINITY GAMES. I’d love to tell you a little bit about it, because I’m very passionate about this project and I see it as my life’s work.
I’m developing a platform that exists both in online space and in physical space. It’s a place for collaboration. With this platform I intend to offer ideas and tools for people to think and rethink everything in their lives at all times. In practice, this means that I’m transforming my life’s philosophy into tools you can play with (by yourself and with others). The tools comprise of digital applications and a card game. You can read inspirational articles and a graphic novel as well.
The concept of The infinity Games is based on my life’s philosophy. It’s about learning to see yourself as a tiny part of a much bigger and infinite whole, while at the same time still seeing yourself as a very important individual. Simply put: you zoom in and you zoom out. I’ve created a method called ‘The Composition Method’. It helps you to visualise a complex situation so you can simplify it and then go back to seeing its complexity again. You can learn to adapt this method for yourself in your every day life, but you can easily apply this method to all kinds of topics.
My philosophy refers to a combination of holism and pragmatism. These concepts are as old as existence itself, but philosophers never really seemed to manage making these concepts accessible for a widespread audience. Most expressions of holism or pragmatism are associated with spiritual and theoretical movements. I’d like to argue that they can be turned into a practical lifestyle. A great guide for all kinds of people, from scientists to company managers, to cleaners, mothers, fathers, and children. I’ve created this project to share my thoughts and at the same time conduct research to develop them further.  I’m implementing the input of all people who make use of The Infinity Games and the Composition method. I aim to use the data of the users’ behaviour to write, create and reflect, and to study them with Artificial Intelligence research methods. My research can be followed on the Infinity Games platform where I write blog posts. (You're reading it now!) A first scientific paper on these topics was published this year.


A short introduction to Marie Bink & The Infinity Games 2021.01.18

‘Fear not. It’s all clickbait!’
Hey there! I’m Marie Bink. A transdisciplinary artist. I’m working solo and in collaboration with others. I like to create my work using many different media and I work within all kinds of disciplines. My specialty is visual language and visual art. At the start of my career it was difficult to label me, because my box was still in the making. But now it’s here and I’m in it!

Curious?  You can check out my personal page HERE


Introduction 2020.10.08

Today, while talking to my colleague TIES about The Infinity Games, we discussed the topic of artistic research.
WHAT IS IT? It has neither a clear definition nor form. Often artists are - sort of - involved. 
For a while now I’ve been having serious publishing aspirations concerning my project. But then I thought: publishing is essentially sharing your ideas. The relevance and presentation of a publication is something else. I’m imagining an offline booklet with lots of imagery and short texts. I’m also imagining an online interactive document with interlinks, images and videos. I’d love to talk about the philosophy of The Infinity Games and the methodology that arises from it. I’m thinking of tools in the form of games, that allow you to play with these strands of philosophy and methodology. And all this without a specific order. I’m imagining many things and I feel there's a certain logic behind it. Welcome to my artistic research.

I choose to write in a personal, informal and associative way.  I’ll make use of clickable HYPERLINKS and short WRITTEN AFTER texts to further explain the research structure and categorise these thoughts later on. This, for example, is an #introduction text inviting you to take part in my #artisticresearch. I won’t just present the end result, I’ll share the process as well.


Shower 2020.10.07

“Shed a tear ‘cause I’m missin’ you
but I’m still alright to smile”
The first two lines of a Guns ‘n Roses song I sing under the shower.
It’s my dreaded thought; my most ordinary behaviour being hacked and then being WHITEMAILED ( 0.49)
After reading the book: The Internet Police. How crime went online and the cops followed I immediately removed my five nude pictures from all my devices. But how awful is it really, being naked online? What is being naked?
What if people would find out who I really am? If they’d know all my strange fixations and desires. Now that's nudity. If we, humans, want to know more about another person we ask around a bit and then if we truly want to get to know someone we’ll start spending time with that person. 

Can I be blunt? Is Google a hacker? 
Or is Google the love of my life? We’ve sure been spending a lot of time together flushed face thinking face  
Finding out who somebody is can be partly derived from their behaviour. More and more your daily behaviour is being tracked in full detail and analysed simultaneously. That’s what is called data analysis. In many cases that term covers it. But if it comes to humans, the word DATA dehumanises us, much to our detriment. “We will use your data" we say, but we mean: we will use you. Would you like a cookie with that? Just try saying no.

Hashtags to analyse for my artificial intelligent friend GLITCH;
SINGSUNDERTHESHOWER ; stressed + on a mission to become happy + slightly narcissistic 
LISTENSTOGUNSNROSES ; the algorithm is confused and doesn't know what to think

First #thoughts on #AI within The Infinity Games Project. Eventually I will try to explain why the research approach of The Infinity Games is novel to the scientific field of AI and why it can only be conceived by me and not by any one else.